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Fanime Online Riichi Tournament 2020

By Bichen Wang on May 2nd 2020 6:00pm

Since Fanime 2020 has been cancelled, PML is hosting an online version of our annual Fanime tournament on Saturday May 23rd at noon Pacific Daylight Time (3 pm Eastern Daylight Time, May 23rd 19:00 UTC, May 24th 4:00 JST). This will be a 6-hanchan round robin tournament with standard PML rules, and...

PML May Monthly Tournament

By Bichen Wang on May 7th 2019 10:15pm

Thanks for coming out and playing in our May Tournament. If you missed this one, come to our next one on Sunday, June 9th (We plan on alternating Saturdays and Sundays for future tournaments). Sc...

PML Grand Opening

By Kira Nebilak on Apr 8th 2019 8:10pm

The Pacific Mahjong League is opening a jansou in Berkeley! Come check it out! The grand opening is this upcoming weekend, April 12th-April 14th. On Saturday the 13th, we will have a mini tournament...

10-dan and LAPOM for League Play

By Kira Nebilak on Mar 21st 2017 12:00pm

Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong (LAPOM) made a special trip up on March 4th to return one of the AMOS REXX that was used for the LAPOM Championship just a coup...

LAPOM Championship 2017

By Kira Nebilak on Feb 26th 2017 9:00am

The LAPOM Championship 2017 was held this last weekend from February 18th until 20th at the LAPOM dojo in Gardena, California. There were 28 attendees, mos...

LAPOM Championship 2017 Staff Report

By Ryan Gan on Feb 24th 2017 12:00pm

This past President’s Day Weekend, the mahjong dojo Los Angeles Pride of Mahjong (LAPOM) with the help of the Pacific Mahjong League (PML) presented the first Los Angeles Pride of Ma...


By Kira Nebilak on Dec 3rd 2016 9:00am

These are not the yaku you are looking for. Chonbo. No yaku. Lose 10,000 points. Do not pass go, do not collect 1,000 points.

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